Finalleh I'm able to blog again wooots. I'm having a big time of homesick. It wasn't that bad before this, but I don't know why it gets worst now. I miss my home, my cats and my mum obviously. Good thing I have 'supportive' friends here. 

Today was Hari Sukan Negara and I couldn't be thankful enough for spending times with them. Senamrobik like crazy, dah macam tempat rave dah KMS ni. Also jalan-jalan cari makan with them eventhough we're financially unstable at the moment. Pertengahan bulan la katakan.

Wei Qi, ketua rave.
Then, after we got bored, we sat at Astaka and chill with our foods. It was like having picnic and FUUUN. I feel bad for eating too much that I gained my weight but pfttt whatever since when did I get so concerned about it?!!! OMG.

Unfortunately, we didnt get to try them :(
This reminds me of Rahul (K3G) absent-mindedly :P
I look awkward, like always.

"Weh siapa dia ni?" "Penyanyi AF" "OH YEKE"
Geng obes

Friendship goal?
An ending of its life phase...

That's it. Only pictures tell when fingers are numb to type...


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