Sweet summer sweat

Assalamualaikum and hiiiiii.

Recently, raya celebration was held in our campus. It was fuuuuuun and chaotic too xD Imagine waking up in the morning to rush just for the sake of making fruit cocktail hahaha.

Then my friends and I went to other kuliah's khemah and collected food. Marshmallow la, ice cream float, mangosteen some more, at the end none of them we ate. Siapa tah kebas, sedihhhh hahahahaha.

food serving with kuliah mates :D

Dah siap prepare, pergi la tukar baju apa semua. I honestly think I'll never look good in anything. I couldn't find a matching tudung so I just grabbed whatever looked OK that day T_T

(Tak tau nak cakap apa)
Little gather with primary school friends :')

My beauty with brain roommate

I'm out of ideas to talk about this anymore. LOL. 


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