Assalamualaikum, hi.

I should've be more patient and post this, maybe on;

a) my last paper, Agricultural Science - wowowowow the name is so grand we only call it Sains Pertanian and people will be like "ewww, pertanian, why are you guys sitting for such papers..?" Like duh, we have rabbits and goats in school, you don't. I can even smell jealousy from the neighbourhood schools. Hoho. (Neighbourhood schools? Sekolah jiran?)

b) or on my last day at home, but I can't hold myself back from writing and because nobody can escape National Service bye everyone.

Some might think I'm really excited with all of these... leaving home, making new friends, skin-tanning (literally) - for 2 months. I just get a little bit depressed - not a little, a lot that all my plans after SPM are called out.

Also, some SPM spot didn't came out and it is really screwed up, very screwed up like how it was in my dreams. I had dreams that I was totally, blank, during the exam. Twice. I guess dreams did come true. Be thankful you are not as fked up as I am. Excuse my frenchurduspanishmilanopapito.

Moving on to my third big event on December - might be a life-changing too. Aahah. National Service. Atleast, we are the luckiest because other batches are having a month extra so yea, the next time we meet I hope everyone will still recognise me. Or maybe not.

Glad that I have something to update so I can sweep all these spiders' webs on my blog. Eyeeeer so messed up.

Good bye.


p/s: Still wondering why am I giving myself weird and ugly nicknames, but at the same time, cool..? No?


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